Wednesday, February 13, 2013


There came a time this week when my workspace became counter-productive. I'm still adjusting to this "place"- this place meaning Helena, this place meaning this house, this place meaning this table that serves as a desk, office, workspace.  Work became life, life became paper, paper became work and somehow the inspirational and creative aspects were trying to find a place here as well. And this week -  the three worlds collided. It was time to un-blur the lines.  Work can stay here. The computer "command center" can stay here. But, the personal/life/bills needed to have another home. And the creative/inspiration needed to have another home. The first, down to a beautiful roll-top desk in the living room. The second, to the newly renovated studio space. By creating meaningful and well-defined spaces and intentions for each, boundaries have been set. Un-blurring has begun. And life feels more manageable and comfortable.

Moroccan Chicken - a wicked combo of spices - cumin, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cayenne - with raisins, chickpeas, red peppers.  Served over Orzo.  Very nice.
Blueberry Focaccia - a slight sweet hint thanks to brown sugar, but otherwise more yeast and berry.

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