Friday, February 8, 2013


Big goals can be daunting. I've been known to stop myself dead in my tracks by the overwhelming nature of trying to eat an elephant in a single sitting. Instead, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

Progress and not perfection. That's a slogan to live by. Yesterday I made progress. I took a step in the right direction - forward. That step alone may not result in "success", though by taking ANY kind of step, the energy moves along. No longer stagnant - no longer holding me captive in the place of "deciding what to do." 

I chose to arrange a visit with a naturopathic clinic. I believe Western Medicine has a place in the big circle of life, but I also have seen how driven by insurance and pharmaceutical companies it is. Doctors are under pressure to give "mandated" time and energy and treatment, rather than give patient care they may otherwise hope to provide. So many specialists, and individual doctors doing their thing - but who's looking at the big picture? Moving to a new city has allowed me the opportunity to search for a "partner" in my health care. This naturopathic clinic is associated with traditional medicine services. With that, if all goes well, I may be able to have the best of both worlds - or perhaps, choices. Not a bad thing. Fingers crossed. 

Sometimes an ingredient is an inspiration. I adored these really interesting galletti pasta shapes - all curly and begging for a great sauce. I thought I read somewhere that it was National Chicken Alfredo Day. I obliged. I'll eat steamed broccoli any day.

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