Friday, February 1, 2013


The color purple. Long before the book or the movie, there was the color purple. And for a very long time, purple has been a color that speaks to me. I owned a pair of purple high top converse shoes, and owned several neck ties with purple (remember ties were a part of 80's fashion). Prince and Purple Rain? Why, yes, I was in attendance at a concert. (Good God, what was I thinking driving to Detroit alone?) If I have a choice of colors for clothes, for flowers, for most anything - purple would be in the first round. Rich and deep, sensual and magical, royal and passionate. As much as I know about color - I have not been fully aware that violet and purple are not one in the same. Purple falls between Magenta and Violet on the color wheel. Okay. So it does. I ordered myself purple roses for my birthday one year. Because I could. And because I didn't know they existed before that. And I lived in or near Yellowstone for 30 years and just now read that there's a Purple Mountain? Time for a road trip.

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