Monday, February 25, 2013


Today held a few good moments. More than a few. But a few good enough to reflect on.

When life sends you down a raging river, sometimes your instinct is to kick and scream and reach and paddle your heart out - it's a fight or flight response to imminent danger. But, any person who has been given instruction before setting out on a white water rafting adventure has been told differently. If you fall out of the raft, your flotation device is your friend. So might be a paddle, if you're able to hold on to it and take it with you. If you keep your feet downstream, and make sure your head is somewhat protected (maybe by the collar of the flotation device and/or a helmet), the water will carry you. I'd be screaming, most likely, but kicking and screaming could be counter productive. Kicking can get your legs caught in rocks or limbs or who knows what. Pray the boat you just got dumped out of isn't far behind. Wait for the spotter in a kayak to send you a rope, or a hand, or a paddle. Don't panic. Stop resisting. 

So it is with other things in life. Acceptance doesn't always come easily or naturally. Kicking and screaming sounds like the right response. Stop the panic. Stop resisting. And go with the flow.

Adding "color" to the food I eat - if this doesn't make the grade, I don't know what might!
Leeks soaking - awaiting introduction to the Chicken - Cannellini Bean - Leek Soup

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