Friday, February 15, 2013


This morning I attended a "conclave" to allow a local software designer-turned-sustainable grower to dance with some ideas about creating a local CSA (community supported agriculture) - beginning with leafy greens and herbs. His ideas include hydro-ponics using towers, to allow for more effective use of the greenhouse footprint. All very intriguing.

One of my thoughts was why he didn't just dive in to another, already created CSA group? He said he would if he could, but .... is there one - or more - already functioning and finding a place in Helena? I will do some research. Because I want to - for my own reasons - and for helping him out. We can all use a little "community" once in awhile. No need to be all "hermit like" in our own little worlds.

Last summer, I purchased a CSA share from Market Day Foods / Field Day Farms in Bozeman. They delivered all the way to Gardiner - not sure how that worked, but since they were willing, I was "in". My pal Carrie and I shared these veggies throughout the summer. Now, being in Helena, I could again check them out - they indicated some interest in Helena, but really? Helena can't pull this off on their own?

Starting to do some research. Growing here at home - on the deck - with some sun and light and new found options beyond the chilly Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It's exciting in many ways.

Scheming on an "English Garden" look to the front yard, maybe a raised bed out back. Tucking in some more herbs and perennials. It's February, but it's beginning to look a lot like GREEN around here.

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