Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This process is working well for me. It's Day 7 of this chapter, but it appears only to be Day 5 in this blog. I am being gentle and kind, with myself, for myself, but not forcing the process.  So, perhaps it's best not to number the entries.

What is this process? Why the "Inspiration Piece"?  When working with quilting, or interior decorating, or cooking, for that matter, there's something at the heart of the creative process. In quilting, I find one fabric that starts to "speak" to me, and the other colors/fabrics are built around the "inspiration piece". In cooking, inspiration starts at the market or seeing a recipe, then going after an ingredient. And building the rest of the meal around it. Decorating? A pillow, a photo, a fabric, a color .... something starts the juices flowing. And so, here I am - working on a bigger vision for "the Inspiration Piece".

A new chapter of my life started last fall, with hugantic changes and transformations of life, living arrangements, social circles, work and history.  The months since then have been spent breathing, exploring, being, and finding a whole new reality. My birthday isn't far off and I thought maybe I'd spend a month, a year, forever, working this process. But it was January 31 and I thought, no better time than the present, so I jump started. And here we are.

That fills in some of the blanks.  This blog, The Inspiration Piece, is only one part of the process, the journey. I've long been a journaler. I'm a visual person, a textural person. A creative through and through. Seeing words flow on to the paper, moving forward thoughts, prayers, dreams, fears, hopes, pain - it's a natural flow. I wondered about documenting this process - The Inspiration Piece - and started with one journal entry on paper. And then dove into the blog. I'm not sure I'll need or use the journal. This seems fine. In addition, I am keeping a sketchbook - in an attempt to execute at least one artistic expression a day. It's time to re-ignite the right side of my brain.  I have a portfolio handy, too, in case I find photos or magazine articles or other things that contribute positive energy to this process.  Along the way, finding and making new and interesting culinary adventures will keep things moving along nicely.

I have a list of words, quotes, thoughts that I'll grab for focus if I don't have an "inspiration piece" come to me. That way, I am never without a topic or a starting place. Sometimes, the starting place is the hardest place to be. Taking a leap of faith, taking it one step at a time, crossing the line - however you choose it look at it. 


The world is a crazy place. "Be the change you want to see in the world" has long been a stand-up straight quote for me. If I can make the world less crazy by being kind - to myself, the world, others - that's a great place to start.

I choose to cross the line. To lessen the darkness of condemnation, harsh judgement, negative energy is a good goal. Go easy. "Calm and kind", as my dear friend Carrie H. would say. The Buddhist belief of being one with the earth - one with other beings - encourages kindness. We are all in this together. And somehow, with luck and patience, kindness and love, we'll do more than just trip over a life of goodness. I choose to cross the line, take the leap of faith, over and over until the world of joy and peace unfolds.

Strawberry, banana, greek yogurt and egg white protein powder smoothie

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