Sunday, January 31, 2016


Day 1.


Mid winter is the perfect time to think about the garden. Since laying eyes on this house, I have dreamed of turning a space out front into something magical. There would be no "secret garden" as it will be seen from the street. The back yard has mysteries of its own, and we have "sunday morning" already there - a tree sculpture named for our favorite program. I order a book on line - with historic photos, drawings references, and dimensions with stories to go along. There are countless great looking gates on line and I pull up a few to stay inspired. Barnwood ? Oompah collects it effortlessly. Copper ? Perhaps. Love the patina from the weathering process. Hammered steel ? Can I figure that out? There's a welder in the garage. There are pieces of old houses, furniture, the capitol building hanging around from Tom's days of antiques, flea markets and estate sales. There's a re-sale store in town. When I open my eyes to possibilities, the world becomes a canvas.

Sleeping at Last's song "Turning Page" plays as I finish up a steaming bowl of Sweet Potato and Black Lentil Soup with Andouille Sausage and Anaheim Peppers. Cumin, turmeric, curry, garlic and ginger linger in the house. A loaf of ciabatta bread from the Park Bakery makes it all better.

Tools to help with the project. Sketchbook. Portfolio, Journal. Life. Is. Good.

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